Link Feature: Polish Football Online

I remember visiting Poland with my mother back when I was in grade 5. That would have made me about 10 or 11 years old I think and Poland was in the middle of qualifications for the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan. I had played soccer back home in Canada but aside from the easily accessible news (mostly the Premiership) I didn’t know a whole lot about football, let alone Polish football. While I was there I learned from my family names such as Jerzy Dudek (who played for Feyenoord at the time) and Poland’s other goalkeeper, Adam Matysek, who my uncle was adamant should be Poland’s starter.

When I came back from my trip I became an ardent follower of the national team aided greatly by a website, The website contained a forum where most of the news came from and where a lot of English speaking Poles gathered to discuss the national team and Polish leagues. Unfortunately after a while the forum lost a lot of key members and subsequently the quality of the forum declined. There was always a number of members, however, that were passionate about Polish football and they collaborated to create a new website that included a forum, news, opinion, and analysis. They created the website which launched recently but already has a committed following.

The site is, in my opinion, the best English language resource for Polish football on the internet. I am familiar with the creators through the old forum we visited and I know they are passionate, intelligent, and very friendly. Their website is sleek, it has good content, and it offers a chance for personal opinion. They recently used my review of the Europa League match between Lech and Dnipro and featured it on their front page. I am truly thankful as my blog is extremely new and any exposure helps and I am hoping that any Polish (or even non-Polish) football fans who want to learn more about Polish football visit their website. Click here to visit.


2 responses to “Link Feature: Polish Football Online

  1. Hey man, looks like a good resource. I’ve always had a soft spot for Polish national team although I can’t really explain why! My favourite players have been Wdowczyk (ex Reading favourite!), Mariusz Lewandowski, Smolarek, Guerreiro and Żurawski. Always liked how Lewandowski kept possession.

    You can delete this bit below if you want…

    Also to help the website in Google I would advise to change the text “Click here to visit.” to Check out Polish Football Online today!

  2. yo, aren’t you a moderator on that forum? i kind of thought your blog would be huge with those guys. congrats on the feature!

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